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ヤコベイニア~vol.4 Jacobをめぐる人々-中山恵理子さん編

最終更新: 2019年2月5日

「Seasons of The Heart~東の彼方へ」

「Take Your Time!」



(Bubblesだけまだ許可とっていない!ごめんヤコブ >_<;)






聞けば ZOZOTOWNでのキャンペーンで作成されたとのこと

この世にただ2つ(恵理子さんと私保有)の 「Jacob Karlzon 卓上カレンダー」!









Dear Jacob,

I hope this message/blog finds you very well.

Please let me introduce my good friend Ms. Eriko Nakayama to you.

She is one of my audience and is Vice Chairman of Jacob Karlzon Fan Club which I launched in Japan. Of course I entitle myself as Executive Chairman :-)

She was already a big fan of you before we met. She listened to EVERY album of you.

Recently, she gave me this sweetest gift. As you can see, it's Jacob Karlzon desk top calendar! Lovely, isn't it?

She went through web-Facebook-Instagram and finally chose these 12 pieces from given images there. She explained that she wanted your face on December page but she really liked this church-like building. Did you take that picture?

She has never been to your concert so far but dreams of visiting one someday in the future.

And I believe she will.

Big brother, we are desperately waiting for you coming to Japan!

Satoko sings and Eriko plays the piano.

Both of us gratefully receive divine inspiration from your music.

Eriko convinced me that your music is so powerful as to send positive vibration across the sea.

Hope that we meet soon!

Your friends,

Best wishes,

Satoko & Eriko

Executive & Vice Chairman of Jacob Karlzon Fan Club Japan

4 February 2019

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