Total: 21:56

satoko  -  vocal

Motohiko Ichino -  electric guitar

Takumi Seino -  electric guitar

Recorded on 12 April 2018 at Kobe Big Apple
Recorded by Tetsumasa Kondo

Mixed by satoko, Yuzuru Tatsuta (SMASH Studio)
Mastered by Yuzuru Tatsuta (SMASH Studio)
Art work by Mei Obata

Release date: 8 December 2018


​Distrubution (domestic): BOMBA Records

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This is satoko's beautifully compiled mini album featuring the FROZEN DUST DUO of Motohiko Ichino(g) and Takumi Seino(g). In addition to having led the recording as a producer, arranger and lead singer, satoko also directed the artwork and sound design for this album. The album artwork is by Japanese designer/painter Mei Obata, who based her design on a self-portrait by satoko. The artwork gives just the right introduction to the dreamy songs, which cannot be easily categorized into any genre. The mixing and sound design were done collaboratively by Yuzuru Tatsuta (SMASH Studio) and satoko, giving delicate voice/sound effect to each song.

Track 1 - Pattern
Words of a silent heart, haunting memories, and invulnerable hopes are sung in English. The melody - or rather articulation -was improvised during the demo recording. A harmony emerged from the inspirational lyrics which satoko wrote in a very short time. Guitar, electronics, and voice intertwine, creating a floating vibration which cannot be reduced to a score.
Japanese translation is available on satoko's official website

Track 2 -Monk Indigo
As a devoted yogi practicing meditation regularly, satoko often refers to unconditional love in her lyrics. This song was inspired by a chance encounter with a Hindu monk in 2016 in Los Angeles.
English translation is available on satoko's official website

Track 3 -A Gift
A song dedicated to everyone who has had a beloved one in their life. This song hasn't been performed in public.
English translation is available on satoko's official website

Both Ichino and Seino studied at the Berklee College of Music and are first-call guitarists among jazz musicians in Japan. They appear in multiple recordings and have their own leader albums available worldwide.

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