Total: 21:56

satoko  -  vocal

Motohiko Ichino -  electric guitar

Takumi Seino -  electric guitar

Recorded on 12 April 2018 at Kobe Big Apple
Recorded by Tetsumasa Kondo

Mixed by satoko, Yuzuru Tatsuta (SMASH Studio)
Mastered by Yuzuru Tatsuta (SMASH Studio)
Art work by Mei Obata

Release date: 8 December 2018


​Distrubution (domestic): BOMBA Records

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Satoko's new collaboration with the electric guitar unit "Frozen Dust Duo" by Ichino and Seino. The Duo fluently speaks satoko's world with their ambient guitars. In collaboration with the sound creator Yuzuru Tatsuta (SMASH Studio), she gave delicate voice effect to each song and for "Pattern" variety of sound effects are added by her own. 

"I really needed Frozen Dust Duo especially play "Pattern" for their music skill, communication level, creativity, spontaneity and genre-less style. This transporting sound is most like me. I needed to go through classical, jazz training to manifest this kind of music." - satoko -

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