Oneness (FD-009, 2015)

Total: 47:47

released September 5, 2015

Recorded on 22 April 2015 at KOKO Plaza Studio, Osaka JAPAN
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Hikaru Sawamura (MAGIC BUS Recording Studio)
Directed by Tsutomu Takei (Follow Club Record)
Art work by Mei Obata​

​Release date: 5 September 2015

Label: Follow Club Record

Distribution: Bomba Records JAPAN

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Satoko’s 2nd album “Oneness” well reflects her refined taste in selecting songs. It includes 4 of her original tunes as well as those fine pieces by Billy Strayhorn or Fred Hersch.

Her remarkable talent in songwriting which was already obvious in her 1st album “All the Pretty Little Horses (2013, FC-008)” has been developed further in more sophisticated compositions and vivid expression of nature, landscapes or stories in lyrics. They evoke a feeling of nostalgia which is shared not only by Japanese but also foreign listeners.

A successful attempt she made in this album is musically talking in jazz texts verbally using her own language whichi is Japanese. Besides her originals, she gives a lyric based on a Japanese ancient poetry to the prestigious Steinway artist from Sweden, Jacob Karlzon’s fine tune which has quite delicate melody lines so much challenging for singers to sing. On the other hand, she writes English lyrics taking advantage of her career as a translator. 

Chieko Maki, a female pianist born in Kyoto and studies at New School has earned high reputation through her career. The keenness and intelligence Maki’s piano demonstrates meets Satoko’s unique and spontaneous voice, creating an ideal combination of tension and flexibility. This album excellently exhibits artistic sensitivity special to women

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