FROST CRACK (SMCD-1003, 2019)
Total: 60:02


satoko  -  vocal 

Chieko Maki -  piano

Yasushi Yoneki -  double bass

Sebastiaan Kaptein - drums

Recorded at Geimori Studio, Sapporo, Japan

Recorded by Naonori Sakamoto
Mixed and mastered by Niliento Studio, Goteborg, Sweden

Release date: 16 February 2019


​Distrubution (domestic): BOMBA Records

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This is Japanese contemporary jazz singer/songwriter satoko's 4th release which contains 5 of her original songs, 2 of her lyrics dedicated to other artists' tunes, and jazz standards arranged by herself. This highly sophisticated album showcases her ability in composing and arranging, as well as her talented skill as a director and producer.


satoko recorded this album at Geimori Studio in Sapporo, Japan, where the world-renowned composer Ryuichi Sakamoto recorded his album "UTAU." In addition, the sound design was done by Nilento Studio in Sweden, led mainly by top Swedish engineer Lars Nilsson. The high quality mixing was also her primary focus as a producer.


For several years, satoko has been playing with Japanese female jazz pianist Chieko Maki who studied at the New School in New York. The duo released "Oneness" back in 2015. Then in 2016, they paired with Japanese bassist Yasushi Yoneki who was the first call player in Tokyo. This was a significant move for the band due to Yoneki’s acclaim. For the recording of "FROST CRACK", the band had an opportunity to play with Dutch drummer Sebastiaan Keptein, who is currently based in Okinawa, Japan.


Throughout this album, you will notice the wide range of her artistic expression. satoko’s songs are selected from ones written between 1998 to 2016. Some are sung without words but held together with impressive melodies. Some are told through inspiring stories. Sometimes she uses her characteristic voice as an instrument while at other times, it feels like she’s channeling a prayer. Touching love songs and an authentic Japanese song round out the album.

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