All The Pretty Little Horses (FC-008, 2013)

Total: 55:00

Recorded on 30-31 January 2013 at KOKO Studio Osaka JAPAN

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Hiroyuki Ikari (Sound Factory)

Directed by satoko, Takeshi Shimizu and Tsutomu Takei

​Release date: 2 August 2013

Label: Follow Club Record

Distribution: Bomba Records JAPAN

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satoko's debut album. 

Her solar, crystal voice and popular songs such as "Say, Good Night" "Dot World" are popular among the audience. 

She sings with E.D.F, the most prominent jazz band in Osaka.

This album was nominated by Jazz Page for the Best Vocal Album 2013 as well as "satoko" for the Best Jazz Vocal 2013.

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